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Merida Rentals Testimonials

Merida Rentals

“Our experience with Merida Rentals has been nothing short of amazing.”

– Beth and Chris Wurster

Merida Rentals

“Merida Rentals has managed my home since 2009 to my total satisfaction.” 

– Ann Hauge

Merida Rentals

“When we are not in Merida, we know that our guests and home receive the same level of attention that would be given if we were there. We have no reservations; Merida Rentals is excellent.”

– Dale Deubler

Merida Rentals

“LeAnn Roberts has been my property manager since 2009. I recommend her very highly for anyone looking to rent a proprty or who needs a property manager in Merida.”

– Frank Baudino

Merida Rentals

“We tried several property managers for our Merida home, then found Merida Rentals. Based on our experience, we believe they offer the best service and results.”

– Gloria Kennedy and Steven Daily

Merida Rentals

“My house has been managed by Merida Rentals since 2008, and as a result of their excellent care-and upkeep, is in as good condtion now as when my renovation was completed.”

– Janet Bloor

Merida Rentals

“LeAnn, her team, Merida Rentals, is a top notch property management sales management company who we hope to continue to partner with for many years to come.”

– Lauri and Keith Klassen

Merida Rentals

“LeAnn Javier and all the team take that extra step to ensure we smile broadly every time we return to the warmth of Merida and open our front door. We enthusiastically recommend their services.”

– Steve Richardson and Kurt Rubi

“We have received five star ratings from every renter including one who encountered serious problems. In every case Merida rentals has satisfied our renters as well as ourselves.”

– Linda and Terry Bullington

Paul Lindemuth

“LeAnn and her team are responsive and caring, and their level of service is excellent.”

– Paul Lindemuth

Merida Rentals

“Every time I return to Merida, I find those little touches, the thoughtful attention to detail, improve my home to a higher level of quality and comfort.”

– Steven Conger

Merida Rentals

“We can sleep peacefully at night knowing our home is well maintained and that nothing is happening that we are not aware of.”

– Phyllis and Roger Tawa

Merida Rentals

“Great communicators — I can reach somebody almost any time I need to and usually have a resolution or plan of action the same day.”

– Liz and Steve Boulay

Merida Rentals

“I have been with Merida Rentals since 2010. Their efficiency, response time and attention to detail has made my association with them worry-free and a pleasure.”

– Tim Ford

Merida Rentals

“Merida Rentals is a highly efficient and professional organization. The staff is friendly and always ready to help.”

– Yasmine and Rolando Alvarez

Merida Rentals

“They are proactive and take care of our casa as if it were their own.”

– Tracy and Scott Abeel

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