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About Merida Rentals

About Merida Rentals

Javier Vazquez Vazquez and LeAnn Pryde Roberts, are  fortunate to have found one another. Each  came to this business with different backgrounds, different skills and very different life experiences. What they discovered in one another was a common attitude of service and an expectation of good, fair, and honest treatment not only for their clients but also for their employees.

Their business plan has always been to keep growth slow and steady. They have to turn down new clients when they come  at the wrong time. Their model is to never take on a new client without feeling sure that they are properly staffed and fully able to offer them the level of service that they demand of themselves.

None of the bells and whistles promised by some management companies are worth anything unless the basic services are well covered and under control so the company can actually follow through with what has been offered. That is our goal: to be the best we can be today and to always strive to be even better tomorrow.

The real trick, if there is one, to their business success is that each  genuinely cares about their clients, their homes and their renters. Those are the things they think and care about every day.  Their philosophy is, “We don’t worry about growing our business; we worry about improving our business.”

Their team of employees knows they will be rewarded for jobs well done, for using their heads and for going the extra mile when necessary. The staff has proven they can be trusted to work hard and honestly, always trying to do their best, knowing they will be treated with respect and honesty in return. They are a joy to work beside and an honor to know.

More than 75% of our clients have been with Merida Rentals 5 years or more. Javi and LeAnn would like to  invite you to join the Merida Rentals and Property Management family of proud Merida home owners.

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